Tough questions SOLVE can help you answer.

SOLVE approaches human capital strategy with a comprehensive and integrated approach.  But there are specific questions that keep people awake at night.   Some of the toughest questions are:

Do we have the right people in the right positions?

How do we minimize conflict & encourage collaboration within our organization?

How can we better retain our top performers?

How do we foster more collaboration amoung our executive team?

How can we make our executive leaders more effective?

How do we keep our employees engaged and fulfilled in their role?

Do we have the right talent in place to ensure a future?

How do we engage our organization in owning the success of our business?

SOLVE is an expert in organizational and development issues.  Because our passion is seeing people succeed we focus on growth and vision.  This focus includes evaluating talent, leadership development, executive coaching, employee engagement, strategic planning and more.

Lets get started

Our Approach.

SOLVE takes an integrated approach to manage every aspect of an organization’s most important resource – its people.

For over a quarter of a century our team at SOLVE has been dedicated to solving the challenges inherent to people in the workplace – the human capital.  Our experts take the time to research and understand your people and culture.  From there we deliver sound advice and direction to help maximize the talent and potential of your human capital. 


Areas of expertise:

  • Hiring the Right People – If you truly understand what makes your top performers great, you will be better able to spot similar traits in external candidates. Our approach increases retention of key hires and reduces turnover in higher volume roles. 
  • Developing Your Talent – Accelerate your teams efficiency and performance through the development of skills and recognition of strengths.
  • Succession Planning – Workforce is aging. The best future leader of your company is probably already working for you.  Help set them up for success and build a better team for tomorrow today.
  • Engaging Your Talent – Let your talent shine though targeted efforts to engage them in rewarding work that goes beyond a paycheck. The employee experience is much more than engagement surveys. An aligned strategy and execution of of that strategy is required to change cultures.
  • Developing Leaders – Cultivate strong leadership skills that match your culture by developing leaders from within. Executive coaching and small group learning are targeted ways of fast-tracking leaders. 
  • Strategic Planning – Set the stage for future success with strategic planning that helps your whole organization realize the vision, values, and mission.
  • Franchise SolutionsOur areas of expertise include working with Franchise organizations. SOLVE can customize any of our services to help optimize the Franchise business model to ensure success for all stakeholders involved, including Franchisor & Franchisee. 

No organization can survive without talent to lead.  If that is a challenge for you, we can SOLVE that.