Developing Your Talent

Accelerate individual and team performance through self-awareness and action learning.

Executive Coaching

SOLVE coaches are Master- and Doctoral level Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. In addition, they use a cognitive behavioral approach to optimize overall thinking. As a result, this increases the likelihood to develop more effective behavioral choices that lead to improved success. Coaching also includes the development of strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching sessions are conducted via in-person, telephone, or online meetings based on a schedule developed between the SOLVE coach and the coachee. Initially, coaching sessions are more frequent and become less frequent as leadership skills and strategies become integrated.

The goal of all coaching engagements is long-term integration of effective work environment behavior. Research indicates sustainable behavior change is more likely to occur with 6 to 12 months of focused coaching.

Selecting a Coach:

Research shows that one of the most critical predictors of coaching success is the ability for the coachee to have a productive rapport with their coach.

Because we value successful outcomes for our clients, we provide background information and introductory conversations with SOLVE coaches.

As a result, this allows you to determine if coaching is right for you and which coach is best suited for your needs.


SOLVE understands development opportunities are most effective when integrated with an organization’s values, cultural expectations, and business goals.  Therefore, the majority of SOLVE’s training workshops are customized for each client.

Research has found employee development programs are a competitive advantage for organizations as part of a comprehensive retention strategy. This is especially important in highly competitive markets.

Our goal is to incorporate the unique business needs our client is facing and to ensure alignment to relevant strategic initiatives, business objectives or service quality programs.

Our workshops are wide-ranging and include the following topics:

Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Management
Inclusion Practices
Building Trust
Energy Management
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Presentation Skills
Personal Brand Management

SOLVE Strategists are also certified in Emergenetics® and Crucial Conversations®. More information about these certified courses are found below.

Each workshop is facilitated in an engaging format that follows adult learning principles, which prioritizes experiential learning, personal reflection, and integration of skills within the workplace.


Emergenetics® is a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior. The session uses experiential and interactive learning. The goal is to engage individuals and teams in understanding how their individual thinking and behavioral preferences can help boost their effectiveness.

This results-driven workshop focuses on communication and how to use Emergenetics for increasing self-awareness. In addition, people learn to work more effectively with others by improving conflict management and increasing diverse thinking. Lastly, our clients tell us they use Emergenetics to build trust, increase management effectiveness, team building, managing change, and fostering innovation.

Lastly, our clients tell us they use Emergenetics to build trust, increase management effectiveness, team building, managing change, and fostering innovation.

Crucial Conversations®

Conversations between colleagues, leaders and direct reports are most often pleasant and productive. However, there are those moments when things get off track. These difficult conversations occur infrequently, but disproportionately influence relationships and outcomes in the workplace.

Crucial Conversations® teach skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics. Learning how to speak and be heard, while also encouraging others to do the same, leads to a healthy promotion of new ideas, quality decision making, and behaviors which are aligned with unity and agreement.

Leadership Development

More information is coming soon. If you have questions about this topic please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.