OrganizationForward® is a suite of web-based applications that support your efforts in hiring, strategic planning, employee engagement and talent review and development.

The power of effective action planning and the positive impact it has on employee engagement is impressive. In our research, companies who actively manage action items based on employee feedback achieve significant increases in year-over-year employee engagement scores.

EngagementForward® prioritizes action planning by placing it front and center. The Dashboard provides managers with their task list and their progress compared to their team and the company overall. The Dashboard also notifies managers of important events.

Managers can also track the progress of their direct reports to support accountability across engagement initiatives.

EngagementForward provides more than action-planning assistance, it also provides easy access to survey results. The survey information is used for analysis and provides a baseline to create action plans to help clients improve upon identified problem areas. EngagementForward includes a set of defined reports that provide clients with insight over various areas of interest, including comparisons to industry and highly engaged company benchmarks.

EngagementForward has several security features to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of data, including role-based security, encrypted credentials, SSL enabled and anti-forgery.

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