EngagementForward® gives your organization the power to make effective action plans.  Because you are engaging your employees and taking action, you will see positive impacts all around.  Employee engagement has an extremely positive impact on the long term success of your organization.  Companies who actively respond from employee feedback see significantly higher engagement scores year-over-year.

EngagementForward® helps you put the action planning where it belongs, front and center.  Highly engaged employees are more likely to stay, assist in developing others, and generally contribute to the companies success.  The EngagementForward® dashboard provides your managers with a task list specific to them.  Because the tasks are tracked their progress can be directly compared to their team and the company overall. The dashboard also notifies managers of important events so deadlines can be kept and nobody is lost in the process.

Managers can track both their counterparts and, more importantly, their direct reports through the dashboard.


Because of the transparency your team is better able to provide real time adjustments when needed.


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EngagementForward® is part of the comprehensive approach we take at SOLVE.  EngagementForward® is more than just planning-assistance.  Because data without understanding is worthless, we help you digest the results.  Survey result analysis provides a baseline to create action plans to help clients improve upon identified problem areas.

EngagementForward® includes a set of clearly defined reports that provide clients with insight over various areas of interest, including comparisons to industry and highly engaged company benchmarks.

Last but not least, EngagementForward® incorporates several security features to ensure the integrity of the data.  The data is confidential and anonymous.  Our solution is encrypted and even has role-based security and forgery detection.  All designed to make sure your results are accurate and secure.

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