Engaging Your Talent

Creating a more positive and productive work environment.

Employee Experience

Enhancing the employee experience includes a multitude of solutions. SOLVE utilizes their highly specialized training to promote exceptional cultures. Because of our expertise in human resources and workforce development your employees will see solutions that are individualized to an organization’s mission and goals.

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No two organizations are the same so each solution is tailored to your workforce.  Using our EngagementForward® solution we can help your teams work toward the same vision.

The experts at SOLVE are with you at every turn to support positive results.


Culture Change

A quick search of books on Amazon reveals more than 50,000 titles pertinent to “culture.” Organizational culture is clearly of interest to anyone who works for a company or leads employees because it is often viewed as the secret ingredient for success. Culture is the one thing competitors cannot easily copy, and the key to attracting and retaining talented people.

With all this interest in, and the proliferation of, so many theories about culture, why is it so hard to craft or to change?

At SOLVE, we view cultural change as a process that needs to account for many things within an organization. Specifically, we include systems (what’s the big picture?), strategies (what are the priorities?), and processes (how is it being executed?).

We also incorporate the intentions and behaviors of its leaders (why should we follow?). Since cultural change is about shifting the mindsets and behaviors of people, it requires an approach that is founded in psychology.