Franchise Solutions

SOLVE understands that franchise organizations are more than just a single entity. Franchise Solutions must support every stakeholder throughout the entire network to improve the organization, brand, home office and independent franchisees.

SOLVE has been working with franchise networks for over 20 years, including a range of network sizes, regional to international, and many types of industries. Examples of services SOLVE provides to franchise networks include: employee assessment and selection, franchise business coach selection & development, employee engagement surveys, franchisee feedback surveys, change management, learning and development training, and more.

Franchise success is contingent upon the combination of mission + strategy + people where people include every stakeholder within the organization.  

Based on our experience and research, common franchise problems include lack of franchisee engagement, poor field support, high employee turnover at home office, poor perception of leadership, as well as initial and ongoing franchisee training. These problems are often related to bigger issues such as:

          (1) one or more area(s) lack attention,

          (2) change is not accepted as a natural evolution of business and growth, 

          (3) problems go undiagnosed and/or unaddressed.

SOLVE’s franchise solutions address these areas while also proactively preventing them from developing at all.  Read more here: Hiring the Right People, Developing Talent, Strategic Planning and our collaborative work with Franchisee Surveys

Franchise organizations have four unique stakeholders who need individualized support to drive growth and performance throughout the entire network and brand.

  1.  Headquarters or home office. This includes all of the employees at home office. This group requires the attention, conflict resolution and people development that other organizations need in order to prosper.

  2.  Executive leaders not only run an organization with employees but also a network of independent franchisees. This delicate balance requires a leadership team with stellar contributors, communication, and trust in order to continually define and adapt the vision and strategy.

  3.  Franchisees represent a separate stakeholder who operate as the necessary “boots on the ground.” Their investment and effort contributes to network expansion, financial growth, and brand recognition.

  4.  Franchisor business coaches or field consultants. These consultants represent a micro-stakeholder that, when used efficiently and effectively, can connect franchisees to franchise headquarters. In addition, this vital group supports operational processes, consistency, and growth.

Our franchise partner:

the Franchise Research Institute

SOLVE is a strategic partner with the Franchise Research Institute (FRI).  FRI was founded in 2002 with a mission to provide franchise organizations with high-quality, franchisee survey data.  Founder and CEO, Jeff Johnson, has over 35 years in franchise experience including as a multi-unit franchisee, area developer, and a key contributor to franchise advisory councils, marketing councils, and president councils. Jeff is also an active IFA member and speaker.


Our partnership allows us to uniquely combine franchisee data, industry knowledge and experience, along with business psychology. This helps us work directly with franchisors to use their own data to build out robust strategies within their organizations that can lead to growth, efficiencies, problem solving, people development, and more.