HireForward® is just one of the tools utilized by SOLVE to make your hiring more effective.  Finding the perfect person isn’t magic, its science.  We took over 25 years of experience in human capital and developed HireForward® to put the science to work.

HireForward® is a customizable assessment tool that streamlines the hiring process.  Using the people who are successful in your organization as a benchmark, the system looks for similar traits.  Profiles in HireForward® allows your hiring managers to compare and contrast candidates against your best and brightest.

HireForward® goes a step further and allows administrator level access.  This means it can be integrated into most human resource management systems (HRIS).  Because its connected it can provide immediate results.


HireForward® From SOLVE

HireForward® is a 3 step process.

Step 1  |  Discovery
Our experts review your current selection process and procedures.  This includes an evaluation of the job description. SOLVE also interviews key stakeholders from human resources, managers and high-performers.  Because this mix of viewpoints understands the role best, they can provide greater insight.  Our team then builds a process to determine and quantify critical selection criteria with you.

Step 2  |  Profile Development

Because SOLVE looks at the key players ideal characteristics, we understand the role in full.  During the process we also get an view into the cultural characteristics in your organization that lead to success.  Both the traits of your talent and the structure of your corporate culture have an impact on your future success.

Depending on your organization and its structure you may have to navigate various constructs.  Team orientation, appropriate levels of interaction (heads down vs. collaborative environment), decision making expectations (independent vs collaborative decisions), and more.

Because you are looking for people to thrive in your environment.  The greater your clarity on your work environment the better the selection results will be.  This key correlation means you’ll be better able to retain top talent and cultivate that talent from within.

Step 3  |  Validation

Our final step in the process is validating the results.  We evaluate the top performers using the assessment to verify the results.  This step not only validates the correct traits were targeted but it also helps ensure your organization is compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines.

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