Hiring the Right People

Understand the traits of your high performers so you can forecast the success of external candidates.


Company Spotlight – Mutual of Omaha


Goal: Implement world-class assessments tailored specially to Mutual of Omaha’s job families.

Solution: Conducted job analyses and focus groups with top performers to create a proprietary algorithm and reports to assist hiring managers in selecting among candidates.

Software: HireForward®

Results: “The ability to customize our assessments for each role and compare candidates to our successful incumbents has increased the quality of our hires and made the process more practical for managers.” ~Amber Svajgl, Talent Acquisition Manager


To learn more about how we can SOLVE your business challenges, call 402.934.0085 in Omaha, NE or 480.563.2615 in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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