Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure is more than just a chart you hang on the wall.  SOLVE looks at the entire ecosystem of your organization to see how everything integrates.  Because you’re goals are not isolated from the rest of the organization.

Structure takes into account:

  • Reward strategies – How to incentivize correctly according to your team(s) driving forces.
  • Compensation structures – How do you pay well without bleeding yourself dry?
  • Structure for goal achievement – Goals should always foster growth, so should your approach to achieving them.
  • Selection systems – Knowing where your tools are effective and where they are deficient.
  • Retention structure – How do you keep your top performers producing at high levels while growing your base for future success?

As a company moves away from its inception these get exponentially harder.  Because SOLVE looks at all these elements and more, we can develop strategy that grows with you.  By building a solid framework today you can build on top of your successes.  And you will be able to learn from your failures without losing momentum.

Our goal is to help lay a foundation that serves you and your team well into the future.