OrganizationForward® Solutions

OrganizationForward® is a suite of web-based applications that support your efforts in hiring, strategic planning, employee engagement and talent review and development.

The DestinationForward® application allows for all participants to view and update strategic activities online. By having a site complete with a dashboard, everyone involved in the plan will know when an action has occurred and what actions still remain. This application also allows participants to receive updates on completed deadlines.

HireForward™ is a web-based assessment platform that allows for customization of popular and valid assessment tools. This system allows each profile to be created based on the unique requirements of the role and the characteristics that are successful in your organization’s work environment. HireForward allows your hiring managers to compare candidates among your best employees. Our system allows multiple administrator levels, integration into most HRIS systems, and provides immediate results. There is no need to wait on a person for in-depth analysis.



Our three-step process has increased the success of hiring the right candidate in multiple industries and professional roles.


Step 1  |  Discovery
We review your current selection process and procedures, along with your organizational documents for the role to determine accuracy and appropriateness in selecting candidates for the role. This includes an evaluation of the job description. We also interview key stakeholders from human resources, managers and recent, high-performers in the role to better understand the process and to determine and quantify critical selection criteria.



Step 2  |  Profile Development
As a result of our interviews with key stakeholders, we identify the ideal characteristics for success in the role. In addition, we identify other important cultural characteristics, which can also have an impact on success. This includes the level of team orientation, the level of appropriate social interaction (heads down versus collaborative environment) and expectations in decision making (independent versus collaborative). Clarity about work environment expectations helps in the creation of an effective selection process that will increase retention of high performers.



Step 3  |  Validation
The final step in the process involves us evaluating the top performers using valid assessments to determine the meaningfulness of each valuation in predicting performance. This study provides support for the framework of traits identified as critical for success in the role and ensures your organization is in compliance with the EEOC.

The power of effective action planning and the positive impact it has on employee engagement is impressive. In our research, companies who actively manage action items based on employee feedback achieve significant increases in year-over-year employee engagement scores.

EngagementForward® prioritizes action planning by placing it front and center. The Dashboard provides managers with their task list and their progress compared to their team and the company overall. The Dashboard also notifies managers of important events.

Managers can also track the progress of their direct reports to support accountability across engagement initiatives.

EngagementForward provides more than action-planning assistance, it also provides easy access to survey results. The survey information is used for analysis and provides a baseline to create action plans to help clients improve upon identified problem areas. EngagementForward includes a set of defined reports that provide clients with insight over various areas of interest, including comparisons to industry and highly engaged company benchmarks.


EngagementForward has several security features to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of data, including role-based security, encrypted credentials, SSL enabled and anti-forgery.

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