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Merle Riepe

As an avid skier, Merle is well-acquainted with fresh powder and moguls. As a psychologist, Merle has faced a few ego bumps. In co-founding SOLVE, Merle saw an opportunity to help companies increase profitability through their people, based on proven psychological and leadership science. When Merle is not developing client relationships or leading a team of exceptional psychologists, he focuses his efforts on executive coaching, employee engagement and candidate assessment to ensure the right fit, from the front line to the C-Suite.


Merle has managed a wide range of projects over the last 15 years. Every project provides a new challenge and the opportunity to work with exceptionally bright people to solve a critical problem. This passion to get to the core of an issue is the driving force for the company name: SOLVE.


Merle’s knowledge of human behavior, expertise in assessment, and experience in facilitating change enable him to provide innovative, practical and principled consulting services that are crafted to meet his clients’ critical needs. Merle’s relentless commitment to a successful outcome is unparalleled. Although he is dedicated to his work, Merle makes time to hit the slopes with family and friends every year at one of his favorite ski resorts. If you see him at the lodge, feel free to strike up a conversation about moguls or egos!



PhD of Philosophy  |  Consulting Psychology
Alliant International University |  San Diego, CA


Master of Science  |  Consulting Psychology
Alliant International University |  San Diego, CA


Bachelor of Science  |  Psychology
Nebraska Wesleyan University |  Lincoln, NE

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